Lysa Whatmore

24 January 2017 by  

Lysa first found a passion and an interest in exercising following the birth of her second child, having had very little enthusiasm or confidence in exercise previously.

Inspired by her two great friends Amy and Tania, and encouraged by them she has met several personal challenges including half marathons and has developed a range of skills and strengths from cross fit to weight training. She has learned how to overcome injury and illness through a new found love of healthy eating and strength training. Her career to date has focused on Property Development and Property Management and so it is only right that within this partnership she will be taking on the role of House Manager. Lysa will be bringing her supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic approach to running the schedule and looking after the needs of the guests before they arrive and during their entire stay.

Her aim is to ensure the smooth functioning of the time at the retreat. She will be a listening ear, always available to make sure each guest has what they need and that they are safe and well supported during their time at the retreat.

Her passion to spread the benefits of strength training and healthy eating programmes has lead her into researching nutritional programmes to support the needs of residential fitness retreats. She will be working in conjunction with catering team to inform the menu and eating plan.


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