We Eat

You are what you eat

Our menus have been carefully designed to support the body, provide power and strength and allow rest to your digestive system.

Getting the body in balance

At the strength sanctuary we do not believe in counting calories or depriving our bodies of the fuel that we need to build strength in muscles and mind. We have designed a menu that excludes processed foods, alcohol and refined sugars. We offer vegan or vegetarian options but we do also serve meat. We provide alternatives to wheat, dairy and caffeine for those that choose to reduce or limit their intake of these during their stay with us.

Our ethos is more focussed on putting things into our daily routines rather than taking things out.

We are not a “fat” camp or a boot camp. We do not make any claims about weight or inch loss, however, we do aim to provide time and space for each of our guests to work to their own pace, focus on their own bodies, to be inspired by others and to take time away from the pressure of life, family and work.

We balance the nutrition by mixing good fats, healthy proteins, and low glycemic complex carbs all bolstered with an abundance of delicious locally sourced vegetables, fruits, juices and grains.

All the meals and snacks are catered for during the day. In the spirit of the retreat a carefully designed menu rids your body of harmful toxins whilst replenishing it with the correct nutrients required to function optimally.

Nourishing, balanced and satisfying meals that will leave you feeling light, sated and cleansed. A local Chef using the finest organic produce prepares all the menus. Drinks are served but there is no alcohol.

Any special dietary requirements can be fully catered for so please let us know when booking.

Daily changing menu

Food for strength and wellbeing


Post Work out Snack (optional)


Afternoon Snack

Evening Meal