We Work

Work hard, rest well

At the Strength Sanctuary our fitness and wellbeing programme incorporates cardio, high intensity exercise routines, core, flexibility and mobility work, resistance training and twice daily yoga. We utilise the environment in which we work and adapt the programme accordingly and can include, hiking, running and mountain biking. We work with a range of equipment and we offer a variety of sessions through your stay. You will be able to sample TRX equipment, kettle bells, boxing, weight circuits, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga and meditation.

Fresh, Fun & Invigorating

Working in a supportive group environment all of the exercise programme is adapted to ensure that personal goals are met. Injury assessments and health questionnaire are performed at the start of the retreat. The Strength Sanctuary Retreat’s emphasis is on a mixture of multi-disciplined, high and low intensity cardio vascular exercise, Yoga, appropriately balanced eating and sufficient restful time. The aim is to build on the strengths and skills that we all have. We can cater for all levels. Each guest is treated as an individual and we work in a small female only, group environment. People come on our retreats for a variety of reasons. They may be looking to kick start a fitness regime or to improve existing fitness levels and challenge themselves. Some are looking to expose themselves to new forms of exercise, focus on existing experience and push themselves further, or simply just to get away from the daily grind, treat themselves to quality ‘me time’. Whatever your reason for coming, we will ensure that you achieve the most out of your experience.

Daily changing schedule

Days filled with movement and evenings full of rest

Session 1: Wake up Yoga

Coffee or Tea
8.30 – 9.15
Session 2: Running Session

9.30 -10.30
Breakfast Buffet

Session 3: Bodyweight Strength Circuit or Boxfit / HIIT

Lunch & Rest

Session 4: Mountain Biking, Swimming or Local hike


Session 5: Core Stability

Session 6: Evening Yoga

Evening Meal