Tania Brown

23 January 2017 by  

Tania’s love affair with yoga began with her dad as a teenager. She enjoyed years of many schools of Yoga, where she experienced first hand first the healing power of Yoga in dealing with her own back pain and life journey. As her studies and practice grew more intense, and she became a yogi mama to two beautiful boys, it lead gradually into a path of teaching yoga full time, which she has been doing for 10 years. She now loves and is totally committed to sharing her studies and passion for yoga with others.

Tania is passionate about promoting health, vitality and well being through yoga, but in a light hearted, balanced and fun way. She teaches yoga for EVERYONE! No ego. No competition. No matter what your fitness level, age, status or body shape.

Tania continues to develop infusing the different schools of yoga to give a rounded class reflecting the best of all the schools of yoga she has studied.

Her goal is to create a space for practitioners to feel inspired, nurtured and uplifted. To simply allow what comes and release what goes to stay present in the moment…


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